Instructions to Authors



Presenters are invited to strictly follow the allotted times for a smooth running of the sessions.

  • Computer projection only will be available. The management of all the projections will be entrusted to a single system that
    will automatically forward the presentations in the meeting room; it will be not possible to use personal laptops.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to use PowerPoint for Windows only (the latest version of Microsoft office will be supported).
  • In case of MAC presentations presenters are kindly invited to bring their own laptop and adaptors to connect to the onsite
    system and to inform the Organizing Secretariat in advance ( in order to check as early as possible with the
    technical service on site.

Speakers with PowerPoint presentation on USB pen: Please report to the slide Centre at least 2 hours before your presentation.

  • The first slide should provide the Disclosure.
  • The presentation should be saved with the Author’s name.
  • The files of any image must be saved in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation and must be copied into the folder
    before their insertion in the presentation (1).
  • It is recommended to use “.gif” and “.jpg” extensions for images. Other types of extensions will be accepted as long as they
    can be recognized by PowerPoint.
  • The use of DVD and USB pens or memory stick is advisable to easily download the presentations at the slide Centre.
  • ppt Presentation 4:3 format

Please remember that only the single projection is foreseen with PowerPoint.


Preferable poster size are 90 cm wide X 100 cm High

Set up time: posters can be set up on April 3rd, from 12.00 to 17.00

Authors are kindly requested to leave their poster on the boards till the end of the meeting.

The Organizing Secretariat is not responsible for posters stolen or damaged.


All posters authors have received an email from and with all instructions on how to
prepare the poster and a link where to upload it. For further assistance please contact